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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Belmont Park – San Diego World Famous Amusement Park Attraction drive

 Belmont Park in Mission Beach offers
Fun and entertainment for all!

Belmont Park in Mission BeachBelmont Park in Mission Beach

There are a lot of great amusement parks around the
United States but few is located right on the sea and the
include the miles of beach, fresh ocean air and a number of
attractions for children and adults alike.

Belmont Park in Mission Beach has been a center of fun
and tours in San Diego since it opened in July, the 4rth 1925.

Belmont Park in Mission BeachBelmont Park in Mission Beach

Amusement park was built by the San Diego entreprenuer
John Spreckels and was designed to be a world class destination
as at the end of the day also included a dance hall and the worlds largest
indoor saltwater swimming pool.

The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at Belmont ParkGiant Dipper Roller Coaster in the Belmont Park

Spreckels always ensured that everything was done in order to ensure
that the "Mission Beach Amusement Park", as it was originally named
There was talk not just San Diego but the regional territory.

Belmont Park - San Diego's Oceanfront Amusement ParkBelmont Park-San Diego drive to Amusement Park

Over 85 years later is still a great attraction Park Beach
visitors and kept with the Add popular tours, great restaurants,
music events, and attractions such as the indoor Arcade laser tag and a mini
Golf course.

The one landmark, which makes the Belmont Park, the most noticable place
in San Diego is the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, which is said to be the
the second oldest wooden roller coaster in the country.

The Merry-Go-Round and Giant Dipper Roller CoasterMerry-Go-Round and Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

The roller coaster is still packs on children and adults alike, and provides a
big adrenaline rush for those who like to experience severe "g force"
tours and drops.

Prices for tours vary but generally provides an amusement park
great value for families see their budgets. All day the wrist bands
for all tours is only $ 22.50 per child and all day the wrist bands for the
the "kiddie rides" is only $ 14.95.

Belmont Park, at the latest was the first place to install the new
"wave machines" to the surfers on their Wave House venue as
also includes a restaurant sits right on Mission Beach boardwalk.

Belmont Park Mission Beach San DiegoBelmont Park Mission Beach San Diego

For more information on Mission Beach and Belmont Park, including the
the wrist bands, tickets, nearby the beach hotels and special attraction ticket packages
Visit the links below.

Belmont Park is a place where all leave happy and gives
lots of fun for a day at the beach!

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