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Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Dog Surfing Ride Ever!

Best Surf Dog Ride Ever at 2010 Helen Woodward
Surf Dog Surf a Thon

Check out this awesome dog surfing ride where Abbie
jumps surfboards to finish her ride in and win the 2010
Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surf a Thon event at Dog
Beach in Del Mar California. The dog surfing ride has
been referred to as one of the "Best Dog Surfing Rides Ever".

The Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surf a Thon helps raise
money for the Helen Woodward Animal Center which
helps provide homes and educational programs for pets
and animals of all shapes and sizes.

The Surf Dog Surf a Thon is one of the biggest and best
dog surfing events in San Diego and Southern California.

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